shout New [10 May, 2022 ]:

Congrats to Shaanan Cohney on his USENIX Security '22 paper,"Watching the Watchers: bias and vulnerability in remote proctoring software"

shout New [05 May, 2022 ]:

Congrats to Joseph Bonneau who got his coauthored paper "Zero-Knowledge Middleboxes" accepted in Security'22 and also selected for a talk in RWC'22. Very nicely done!

shout New [04 May, 2022 ]:

Congrats to William holland, Olya Ohrimenko, Tony Wirth on an AsiaCCS'22 acceptance for their paper "Efficient Oblivious Permutation via the Waksman Network". Very nicely done!

shout Job [04 May, 2022 ]:

Olya and Trevor Cohn are looking for a Research Fellow in Secure and Privacy-preserving Natural Language Processing. Application deadline: 10 May 2022 11:55 PM AUS Eastern Standard Time

shout Job [20 April, 2022 ]:

Thuan is looking for a student interested in automated security testing for embedded systems. Click to find more info.

shout Job [20 April, 2022 ]:

Shaanan is looking for students interested in the boundary between applied cryptography, security, consumer protection, and law.

shout New [17 April, 2022 ]:

Congratulations to Jinkai Jin, Olga Ohrimenko, Ben Rubinstein, and our former CIS member Eleanor Mcmurtry whose paper, "Are We There Yet? Timing and Floating-Point Attacks on Differential Privacy Systems" were accepted in S&P 22.

shout New [21 March, 2022 ]:

Congrats to Olya Ohrimenko, Tony Wirth, and Hao WU on their paper "Randomize the Future: Asymptotically Optimal Locally Private Frequency Estimation Protocol for Longitudinal Data" accepted to the premier theory for databases conference PODS2022 (the 41st ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGAI Symposium on Principles of Database Systems).